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Tomorrow Night in Sweden

School project at Berghs

Our first year studying at Berghs ended with a final design exhibition at Designgalleriet in Stockholm. The challenge was to concept, create and produce our own exhibition – all within three weeks. This was a collaboration with Visit Sweden where we made our personal interpretations of the future of Swedish design. 


My idea / koncept:




I have now reached what i think, with the help of my research, is the future of swedish design. It should convey sustainability, creativity and innovation. It will be made of something many believe is not a durable material, cardboard and wood. The cardboard will symbolize creativity and sustainability and the wood material comes from that Sweden is known for the nature with green forests which is a major resource for us. 


The shape is inspired by Swedish, french and italian furniture design, but also by the swedish nature. The holes in the chair gives it soft and airy shape that makes it a pleasant piece of furniture to have as a part of your interior.



Tomorrow night in Sweden
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