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About Me

CEO. Motion Designer. 3D Artist  

My name is Alexander Eriksson and I’m an CEO / Motion and Graphic Designer with a lace in 3D. Two years ago I graduated from Communication Design at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm and has been working as a Motion designer and designer since then.


1848 is a creation studio in brand marketing and production company. With combine strategy, production, technology, creativity and joy we work together for achieve the best results. Our creativity inspires when we get being open

for - collaboration, culture change, new tech, innovations and new thinking. 


Connecting clients to customers to drive growth and deliver real impact. By doing that we value our passion for create innovative campaigns and films.

Clients I have worked with:  Audi, SJ, Arla, Unicef, Elon, Yubico, Eytys


Friends of 1848  2020 -

CEO / Motion Graphics / Designer


I have created a creative studio that focuses on helping with SoMe (social media ads), motion graphics, 3D, information films, commercial films, graphic design

and brand marketing.

One A Studio 2019 - 2020

Freelance Motion Graphics


Varying freelance jobs in motion graphics and film.

Motion Graphics for live assets, text animations and character rigging.

TBWA 2018 - 2019



My main focus has been to make motion graphics into various commercials films for both TVC and social media, but also editing and grade. I've also worked with: Graphic design, Banners, Gifs and Ads.

Filmic Art 2017

Motion design intern.


Motion design and motion graphics for various customers for digital outdoor screens and for TVC,

Character design and rigging.


Svensson 2017

Motion design intern.


Motion design for various customers for digital outdoor screens and social media.



Berghs School Of Communication


A two-year visual communication program focusing on

visual communication, concept development and design.

Many projects are customer oriented and both courses and assignments have a creative focus on graphic design,

motion design, packaging design and digital

design to prepare for the future.

Berghs School Of Communication



The course is an in-depth study of various

areas that a graphic designer will face.

Graphic Communication, Typography, Color and Shape, Packaging design, Design Methodology


Berghs School Of Communication



The course provides the basis of what graphic

design means and provides basic knowledge in:

Graphical communication, Typography, Colour and shape, Design for advertising, Picture - composition, photo, illustration, Traditional and new media




A 3 year Graphic education in graphic production with courses in areas: Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Typography, Printing Methods and Advanced

Courses in all Adobe Software

Awards / Nominations

2 Nominates in Guldägget for SJ

Adobe New Creative Talent Award 

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